How Many Links You Actually Need To Rank Page One On Google

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How Many Links You Actually Need To Rank Page One On Google

You see all of these people as well as all of these websites which have thousands as well as thousands of links as well as they’re ranking on page one of Google. And you ask yourself, hmm, if I need to rank on page one of Google, do I really need thousands of links?


As you’ll be able to see on my screen here, I have the key word, web hosting Google. It’s haveting roughly 18,100 searches a month in the United States. I’m using the Ubersuggest Chrome extension which provides me all of the data. As well, it tells me how most times it’s searched on mobile devices versus desktop devices, the volume over time, cost per click, the demographic information, the searchers age range. Gives me all of of which as well as a handful of different key word suggestions on the right side as well as more metrics on the right side on how much traffic websites haveting, their overall domain authority together with domain score as well as as you keep going on as well as on, you’ll have more key word data.

But whenever you look in these sites which are ranking on page one, as well as if I look in the 1st four, they’re ads, GoDaddy, Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, all of well known brands, then you got PCMag, Hostinger, TechRadar, Bluehost, CNET, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Network Solutions as well as QuickSprout. Those are the pages which are ranking in the best ten.

So you have to look in how most links are actually follow, not just the total link count.

The point I’m usena make is, the more lower you go, the more these scraper sites as well as junk links which you’ll see. So typically what we’re seeing is, whatever the number which you’re seeing in Referring Domain names, usually, if you end up constructing a third to a fourth, even a fifth of the links which are reported, you’ll be able to do quite well.

And the key if you need to rank is, you don’t have to construct a lot of links, you need to construct legitimate links, you don’t need to pay for ’em, you don’t need to use anything that’s black in, you need natural, fantastic links.

Do your outreach, look for, don’t focus too much on domain rating together with domain authority together with anything like which, just focus on constructing legitimate, high quality links as well as do it in a very, very very slow pace. And I know which may sound crazy, you’re thinking, very slow pace? If I need all of these links, don’t I have to keep constructing? Well if you construct too fast, what you’ll locate is you’re going to have to construct too most links like some of these sites, right?

It’s like those social profiles which have hundreds as well as thousands of followers but no one really engages, it’s as they have a lot of fake followers. If you construct quote, unquote unnatural links together with you’re buying ’em, what you’ll locate is your rankings won’t be as great compared to if you just focus on highly relevant articles which are very slow as well as steady.

The different thing which most people don’t talk about is click through rate. The reason which some of the sites which rank up in best, which are greater, is as they have a way greater click through rate.

You’re going to have way more clicks if you have the best web hosting services of 2020, which reviews a lot of the websites which are ranking in the best ten, right?

So whenever you’re pitching one solution, versus something that’s a review, more educational, you’ll locate which it tends to be easier to rank as well as you don’t have to construct as most links. So you don’t just must focus on how most links you’re haveting, but you also must optimize for click throughs as well as anything that’s resourceful, educational, assistful, tends to also rank superior.

So whenever you’re doing your back link research, whether using Ubersuggest together with whether using Moz, together with Ahrefs, together with SEMrush to look up link counts, remember, whatever people have, a lot of those links are scraper sites, spammy links, it’s not which these sites are constructing spammy links, it’s which you naturally have spammy links coming to you whenever you’ve been on the web for so long.

If you construct one third to one fifth of the links which you’re seeing as well as you do it very slow as well as steady as well as you optimize for click through rate, you’ll be able to outrank most different people as well.

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